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A significant amount of China Clay (Kaolin) is used for filling the rubbers to improve the resistance to abrasion and strength. To achieve this, the Kaolin must be complete kaolinite without any other impurities. In other words, China Clay is a preferable additive to rubber because of its “booklet” particle structure that enhances the stiffness and mechanical strength to the rubber product through high-quality stress transfer.

In the rubber products industries, kaolin is an affordable (in terms of cost) substitute for precipitated silica without losing the actual physical properties. The main purpose to add China Clay in rubber production is to improve the tensile strength. Soft China Clays have greater grain sizes 7 used where high loading & faster extrusion rate are essential than mechanical and tensile strength. While on the other end, the Hard China Clay imparts high modulus, stiffness, abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

Water-washed clay is nowadays used in the variety of applications like cable manufacturing as it offers strong reinforcement and higher volume resistivity. While the regular China Clay is used in conveyor belts, footwear, and molds. And the high-end China Clay is used in tire production.

Ashapura China Clay Products for Rubber Industry

Ashapura China Clay is taking pride in delivering the top-notch and high-quality water washed China Clay (Kaolin) as a filler to the rubber manufacturers resides in various continents. We provide customized china clay products as per the specification. Have a look at our products:

  • ASHA DL 20
  • ASHA DL 40

Our both products are used as a filler in the rubber manufacture. We recommend valued customers to test our rubber products first in their application.

Benefits of Using Ashapura China Clay Ceramic Products

  • Used as a filler to increase the volume of rubber products
  • Enhance strength & rigidity
  • Offers a strong reinforcement at a low cost
  • High tensile strength
  • A very low moisture content (not more than 0.2%)
  • Soft & non-abrasive
  • Consistent Colour
  • Harmless & inert even a person consumed
  • Good oil adsorption
  • Improve flexural strength
  • Low relative permittivity
  • A great resistant to chemical attack

Want to add extra tensile strength and add a quality filler to increase the volume of your rubber products? You have hit the right spot. Just drop a message at (email address) with your requirements; we would love to fulfil it with extra care.