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China Clay (Kaolin)

Kaolin or china clay is a natural mineral found in partly decompo-sed granite, an igneous feldsparic rock. Chemically, kaolin is a hydrated aluminium silicate containing Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O. Kaolin was first discovered in the mountainous province of Kiangsi, China in A.D. 500. The word “kaolin” derives from the Chinese character ‘kao lin’ which means high ridge. It was first used by the Chinese to make high quality porcelain. At PMI China Clay, processed or refined kaolin is available in white powder form, granule cum powder form, and in lumps form.

China Clay, Kaolin

China Clay Exporters from Pakistan to Afghanistan

We take immense pride in our expertise as dedicated China Clay exporters, specifically catering to the demands of the Afghan market. Our commitment to quality and reliability has made us a trusted choice for those seeking top-grade China Clay minerals sourced from Pakistan.

China Clay Suppliers in Pakistan

At Pak Minerals International, we specialise in exporting a diverse range of China Clay minerals sourced from the abundant natural reservoirs in Pakistan. Our meticulously processed and high-quality China Clay is tailored to meet the varied industrial requirements both domestically and internationally.

China Clay Uses:

China Clay, also known as Kaolin, holds significant importance across various industries due to its versatile applications. From being a fundamental component in ceramics, paper, and paint manufacturing to its role in the production of rubber, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, China Clay’s unique properties make it an indispensable mineral in multiple industrial processes.

PMIWHITE®powder / lumpsPaint extenders, filler in paper, ceramic glazing and engobing, Vitrified tiles manufacture
PMIGLAZE®powder / lumpsCeramic glazing and engobing
PMIBODY®powder / powder cum granules / lumpsCeramic body composition
PMIGEM®powderCeramic glazing
PMI FILLpowderPesticide formulation
PMIKOT – 55powderPaper
PMIKOT – AK 45powderPaint
PMI GLASSpowder / powder cum granules / lumpsFiller in Fiber Glass