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Cube Shaped Lamps | Himalayan Salt Lamps Tall Cube Shaped

Pak Minerals Cube Shaped Lamps: This Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful tall cube shape. It resembles a small stone column and is a wonderful conversation piece. Our Himalayan salt lamps are beautifully hand-shaped from real salt crystals formed millions of years ago when the Earth was pristine. Salt lamps come from deep inside Himalayan salt caves, where huge seams of trace-mineral-rich salt are harvested and transformed into edible salt, salt lamps, salt tea lights and other items.

The salt is considered “better than organic” because they are wild crafted from inside a mountain, completely free of modern-day chemicals. You can literally scrape off the salt from the lamp and use it on your food. These lamps are not treated or processed in any way.

Cube Shaped Lamp