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High-Quality China Clay for Paper from Pak Minerals International

Welcome to Pak Minerals International, your trusted source for premium China Clay for paper applications. Renowned for its fine particle size, brightness, and superior coating properties, our China Clay enhances the quality and performance of paper products. As a leading exporter, supplier, and manufacturer based in Pakistan, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier China Clay to meet the specific needs of the paper industry. Discover our superior quality China Clay and elevate your paper products.

China Clay for Paper Exporters in Pakistan

Pak Minerals International is a premier exporter of China Clay for paper from Pakistan. Our high-quality China Clay is processed to ensure optimal brightness, opacity, and smoothness in paper products. We export our China Clay to various international markets, providing reliable and effective raw materials for paper manufacturers worldwide.

China Clay for Paper Suppliers in Pakistan

As leading suppliers of China Clay for paper in Pakistan, Pak Minerals International offers a diverse selection of high-quality China Clay to meet the varied needs of our customers. Whether you require China Clay for improving paper smoothness, enhancing printability, or increasing opacity, our products adhere to strict quality standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver superior China Clay for paper across Pakistan and beyond.

China Clay for Paper Manufacturer in Pakistan

Pak Minerals International is a renowned manufacturer of China Clay for paper in Pakistan. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled workforce, we ensure the highest standards of production and quality control. Our China Clay is processed using advanced techniques to enhance its particle size, brightness, and coating properties, making it an ideal choice for paper formulations. Trust us for consistent supply and exceptional quality in every batch of China Clay we manufacture.

China Clay for Paper Suppliers from Pakistan to Asia, Europe, USA

Pak Minerals International supplies premium China Clay for paper to regions across Asia, Europe, and the USA. Our extensive distribution network and efficient logistics enable us to meet the demands of international markets effectively. Whether you need China Clay for coated paper, cardboard, or specialty paper, our products are trusted for their reliability and performance globally.

Ashapura China Clay Products for Paper Industry

Since its inception, Ashapura China Clay has been offering Water –washed ASHAKOT 55 kaolin to various countries around the globe. Our specially processed and manufactured ASHAKOT 55 has been used as a filler in the paper industry for years. It is also used in packaging papers, newsprint and supercalendered magazine paper. Our lab technicians have tested and concluded that our China Clay products can be used in the board production as dominant filler in a white top liner.

We recommend valued customers to test our paper china clay products first in their application.

Benefits of Using Ashapura China Clay Ceramic Products

  • Used in both acid & alkaline paper manufacturing
  • Higher opacity and good printability
  • Fine particle size with low grit levels that add the strength to paper
  • Pellets disperse easily in water & have low dust levels
  • Soft and non-abrasive
  • Added smoothness and whiteness in paper
  • Doesn’t harm Pumps and machinery
  • Consistent creamy-white color
  • Natural clay mineral & harmless even if consumed

Looking for a low cost and highly effective filler for the paper manufacturing? You can count on Ashapura China Clay. Drop a message at (email address) with your customized requirements; we would love to fulfil it with extra care.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing Pak Minerals International for your China Clay needs offers several advantages:

  • Quality Assurance: We uphold rigorous quality standards to ensure our China Clay meets international specifications and customer requirements.
  • Fine Particle Size: Our China Clay is known for its fine particle size, which enhances the smoothness and printability of paper products.
  • Brightness and Opacity: The high brightness and opacity of our China Clay improve the visual appeal and quality of paper.
  • Superior Coating Properties: Our China Clay provides excellent coating properties, enhancing the surface quality and performance of paper.
  • Reliability: Our efficient supply chain and commitment to excellence ensure timely delivery and consistent availability of China Clay.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to exceed expectations in product quality and service delivery.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our China Clay.

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China Clay, also known as kaolin, is a fine, white clay used in paper formulations to enhance brightness, opacity, smoothness, and coating properties.

China Clay improves the smoothness, printability, brightness, and opacity of paper, resulting in higher quality and more visually appealing products.

We implement stringent quality control measures throughout the production process, ensuring our China Clay meets high standards of particle size, brightness, and coating properties.

Yes, we can supply China Clay in bulk quantities to meet the needs of industrial paper manufacturers and formulators.

We supply China Clay to regions including Asia, Europe, and the USA, catering to diverse paper manufacturing needs.

You can contact us through our website or customer support to place an order, request a quote, or inquire about our China Clay products.